Dead jumper

Jumper cleaned and returned to where it was found then reversed over with a Renault 5.

Year: 2006

Just away from Bristol Temple Meads, the city's main railway station, you will find ubiquitous railway arches that are used by all manner of independent mechanics and suppliers. It was walking alongside these arches returning home after a late night session in town that I found a jumper similar to the very first one I discovered in 2001 that resulted in Wear yourself out.

Compelled to pick it up and process it in the same way that had been undertaken so many times before, I took it back home, cleaned and repaired it and then, a few days later, drove back to the discovery site in my car which was then an old beaten up white Renault 5.

Once there I put the neatly folded jumper in the same place where I had found it, got back into the car, and then promptly reversed straight over it. I did this repeatedly until it bore no sign of ever having been through a repair process. It was at that point I documented the scene.

This was the last work I ever did involving a jumper.