Wear yourself out

Year: 2001

Walking in Dundry led me to discover this Aran woollen jumper left on the side of the path. It was to begin an ongoing series of works involving the restoration of found things. Having documented it at the discovery site, I picked it up and returned home with it. I then cleaned it and repaired the few dropped stitches it had incurred as a result of some snag in order to restore it to mint condition.

It was then exhibited, neatly folded on a glass shelf, with the photograph displayed next to it. On the opening night of the exhibition the jumper was stolen. It was never seen again.

With a theft having taken place, so an artwork had been destroyed. A few weeks later I filed for a four figure insurance claim. Claiming insurance for a discarded jumper that had been found just weeks before revealed the shameless absurdity and transformative power of Art and Capitalism.

The curator never spoke to me again.