In the beginning

Year: 2011

At the beginning of every film a production company ident always precedes the feature. Whether it be the whirring cogs of a new Lionsgate horror, Universal's revolving planet or Paramount's snow-capped mountain they all seek to instigate a sense of heightened anticipation for the movie that is about to start: all learned response akin to to the famous Pavlov conditioning dogs to salivate on hearing a bell being rung.

All the while I have been collecting the phrase What do you want from me? so too have I been collecting production company idents. They have been edited together starting with the silent and steadily increasing in volume inexorably working towards the final inevitable crescendo that is the most recognised of them all - the Twentieth Century Fox trumpet fanfare.

The idents become the film itself, a film that offers nothing but empty promise.

Idents shown in order: Gaumont, Relativity Media, Lionsgate, Universal.