What do you want from me? (I asked you a thousand times)

Year: 2011 - ongoing

Driven by a fascination into the cult of celebrity and the desire to be famous being a ubiquitous career aspiration in many, this collection of hundreds of film clips delivers an insistent, repetitive and seemingly pointless question that offers as much empty promise as the fame to which so many seek. With over 350 unique examples covering 60 years of cinematic history; from the earliest version in the 1942 classic 'Keeper of the Flame' to the 2011 'Source Code', the question 'What do you want from me?' is often seen to be borne of frustration, anger or fear and would appear not only synonymous with cinema but is perhaps indicative of a wider paradox to the human condition.

Started in 2008 and with hundreds of films watched, hundreds more are yet to be viewed in order to yield the full 1000 samples sought. Once achieved I will edit a second and final cut of that much used phrase and, for the first time ever, it will not actually be an exaggeration.

I'm half way there.