You will have what you want sometime soon

Year: 2011

As you drive into London from the M4 and the West country you may well see the vast LED advertising screens announcing such events as Beyoncé's new album or perhaps the release of some new luxury car or perfume. One step closer to looking like a street scene from the classic dystopic movie Bladerunner these screens now replace the old multi-sheet billboards that stood there for so many years before. These new behemoths, and countless others appearing around the country and the world, represent a new face of advertising that invites wonder and the promise of something new - all of it bigger, better and far more seductive than ever before. From those massive screens to the ubiquitous red and blue 'open' sign, LEDs are blinking, flashing and scrolling their way into our every day lives. As invasive as the muted televison that's left on, these signs compel us to look and with our looking so create desire.