Eamon's jumper

Year: 2003 - 2008

In the Summer of 2003 I invited my friend Eamon and a couple of other friends around for a social. I knew Eamon would be wearing a black Marks & Spencer V-neck sweater. At the time he wore it often. I had invited him round with the sole purpose of stealing this jumper from him.

That night he prove reluctant in taking it off and it took turning the heating on (in a balmy summer's evening) to get him to remove it. Once safely removed, and quickly hidden from him, we plied him with beer and much, much later sent him homeward bound. Without his jumper.

A few days later and concealed in a small rucksack, I took Eamon's now newly stolen jumper back to a local Marks & Spencer clothing store. There I picked out a brand new but exact copy of Eamon's jumper from the stock on the shop floor and took it to the changing rooms.

Once in the changing rooms I set about swapping the new jumper for the stolen jumper, removing the security and price tags from the new one one and fitting them to the stolen one. Having done this I then put the new one in my rucksack and the newly security tagged stolen one on the hanger.

I then proceeded to the checkout where I then purchased the stolen jumper for the price of the new one that I was stealing. Once the transaction was complete I then left the premises having re-bought a stolen jumper and stealing a new jumper.

Two weeks later I returned to the same store and, with the receipt for the re-bought stolen jumper, requested a refund for the newly stolen jumper. Eamon's re-bought stolen jumper was exhibited several times in various exhibitions until finally, 5 years later, I posted it back to him in a jiffy bag.

He still wears it.