I have your wing mirror

Year: 2005

Having been invited to Birmingham to work with Ikon on a series of interventions I decided to explore the city. Walking down one of the many streets lined with cars parked by commuters in the centre I found a wing mirror that had been knocked off a red car. I took note of the registration of the car and bagged the wing mirror.

A few weeks later I had posters printed with a picture of the wing mirror. It stated 'N305ANH I have your wing mirror.' No phone number was given. All the posters were fly-posted in Bristol.

Several months later I happened to find a white wing mirror on a road in Bristol with no car in sight. I had 10,000 A5 postcards printed, again with a picture of the wing mirror, the same text 'I have your wing mirror' and no means of contact. We distributed all of them in Birmingham.

You can download an A4 version of the original poster here.