I didn't know anything before and I still don't know anything now

Year: 2011

I'm often to be found adding to collections. Collections that, as they grow, help to portray the apparent absurdity of human behaviour.

One such collection is that of Beginner's guides - myriad publications in an amazing array of subjects that fuel the demands on us to be individualistic, self improving, entrepreneurial beings in society.

Hundreds of books are arranged from A to Z, stacked on a unique shelving system that provided each book with its own shelf in order that they may all sit at the same height. The levelling of books sought, in some simple way, to democratise ambition and confirm what we were all told at school; 'you can be whatever you want to be'. With books like the 'Beginner's guide to sex in the afterlife' you are quickly reminded that it never was quite as straight forward as you had been led to believe all those years ago.